Tina & Mike K. Waterville Valley, NH

When we decided to build a house from scratch, everyone told us we were entering the gates of hell. Well, Mike & I can say unequivocally that Abode has been a joy to work with in every way. Bob Wildes, now a friend, was always available. Gerald Fransen, project manager, dealt with any & all issues most of which we weren't even aware. Our completed house is beautiful, efficient & superbly built. We could not be more satisfied.

Bill G. Wellesley, MA 
We had an architect designed house plan for a very challenging site—narrow and very steep, overlooking a beautiful lake.  We also wanted the house to be as energy efficient as possible.  Our first contractor could not get it built for our budget.  We asked them to make recommendations to accomplish the intent of the design.  They tried but still were unable to meet our budget, so we asked Abode to make a proposal.  We knew Abode had a reputation for award-winning, energy efficient construction and they had good recommendations for other homeowners.  Abode succeeded!  They came back with several recommendations that totally accomplished the intent of the design and did it within our budget.  We met weekly with them throughout the construction process and they were a pleasure to work with—resolving issues and solving problems together.  They made many recommendations along the way that accomplished some of the features we thought we would have to give up.  Abode was able to do all of that, and help us create a truly energy efficient structure that is so comfortable to live in.  We are so pleased with our new home and could not be happier about working with Abode.


Todd G. Orford, NH

I have been a satisfied customer of my Abode home since it’s construction in 2010. As an absentee owner I was very pleased with their communication both on a contract basis as well as a construction basis and keeping me informed on a daily basis with pictures and emails updating the progress of the house. In the years since it’s construction I have had little, if any, issues with any system or construction of the house. The house has maintained its seal through both the winter and the summer and remains in good condition in both the interior and exterior. My direct contact Gerald was responsive and I believe would be there for me if there were any issues that I needed him to deal with even though the house has been completed for many years. My only problem is that it remains in such good shape that I have little or no need to contact Abode. I strongly recommend the Abode team for the construction of a home and would use them again in the future.