About Us

For more than twenty years we have been designing and building homes and communities with a commitment to excellence and quality. Our goal with each client is the same: to make the process of building a new home simple, efficient and enjoyable. At the same time we strive to educate our clients in the benefits of great design, energy savings, and green building techniques and products.


ABODE has a legacy that dates back more than 50 years, when our fathers started building homes together. We have delivered over 2,000 homes and are proud of each and every one. We have created a system that ensures better quality, affordability, energy efficiency, and client satisfaction than ever before. We have taken the best of the old traditions and infused them with the most advanced building systems available today.


We takes a total approach to home building and renovations. Our range of services includes everything you need to proceed with absolute confidence: from land acquisition, to architecture, to custom design, to quality construction and efficient, green building systems. We work hand-in-hand with some of the best architects and engineers in the business to ensure the best options and solutions for your project.


When we created ABODE, we were determined to create a company and a system that would serve the needs of one person; you, our client.

When we build a home for you, what matters is that we do it right. It's not just about the sticks and the bricks. It’s about providing exceptional service and a quality product within your budget. It's about working together with you to create something special…something we all can be proud of.

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"ABODE pays particular attention to the personal needs, lifestyle, and long-term financial goals of our clients."